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Park Commission Press Releases

Artisans’ Fair at Historic Speedwell
MORRISTOWN, NJ – Celebrate New Jersey’s local artisans at the Artisans’ Fair on Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Try your skills at different mediums, and experience the arts in a beautiful and unique setting. Artists specializing in weaving, blacksmithing, painting, and jewelry will be on site, answering questions, and offering hands-on activities. At 2 p.m. Ashley Scotto, Historic Program Specialist, will be conducting a Historic Fabrics presentation. There will be a tactile component of the presentation with paper marbleizing and quilting crafts available.

Don’t miss the remarkable special exhibit in the Vail House by our honoree artist, Abagail Eckert. When asked about her vision for the piece, Endless Memory, Eckert stated, “Firsthand accounts have the power to transport the modern person into a time beyond; Stephen Vail wrote copious diary entries throughout his life, and as I perused through these endless papers, the man ceased to be simply a face in a portrait. His words leapt off the page, forming a robust character who lived, breathed, and slept in these spaces (at Historic Speedwell).” Eckert added, “Endless Memory represents the spirit of the person who opened a portal to a world we can never fully know through their words. The gauzy fabric of Stephen’s ‘soul’ are covered in quotes pulled from his diaries that depict the love, loss, cares, and worries of the human condition that are so incredibly relatable to today. This artwork is meant to embody the frailty of human life and the contrasting eternal life of the written word as it’s passed down from generation to generation."

Historic Speedwell strives to make the connection that the lessons of yesterday can help us make decisions for today and tomorrow. For more information on the Artisans’ Fair, or to be register as an artisan, please call 973.285.6550.

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